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10 DIY Landscaping Tips

The weather is getting nicer and everyone is tending to their lawns and gardens. You don’t want your yard to be the only one on the block that doesn’t look healthy and thriving. We are here to help and give you some DIY tricks and tips to help you have your property looking it’s best!

1. Use a Yard Edger

It might not sound super important but cleaning up the edges of your lawn (in addition to keeping it mowed) creates the illusion that you paid some fancy landscaper to service up your yard. It creates a much cleaner look and will really up your lawn care game.

2. Add a Flower Bed Border

This is an easy and cheap landscaping idea. Adding a stone edge and mulch add more personality to your flower beds.

3. Install Water Features

A lot of good landscape designs have focal points. Water features make great focal points and create a soothing atmosphere. These water features aren’t difficult to install on your own at all and there are many lovely and affordable ones to choose from!

4. Hide Your Garden Hose and A/C Unit

A great DIY project is building a garden hose holder to camouflage the tubing and it can also serve as a planter. Building a simple cover to keep you’re A/C unit out of sight does wonders for your yard aesthetic.

5. Use a Variety of Plants

It is recommended to have some diversity in your plants because they will bloom at different times, so that your lawn will have a long-lasting vibrant look. If all the plants are the same, they will all bloom at the same time and only look nice for that short time frame and then be unattractive for the rest of the year.

6. Use a Retainer

Retaining walls help add definition to flower beds and create visual appeal. Most importantly they help prevent soil erosion from occurring.

7. Clean Your Walkway

Sometimes a good cleaning is all your sidewalk needs in order to look brand new!

8. Build a Stone Pathway

Laying a simple stone pathway that weaves through your garden is a pleasing and practical visual for your garden. It’s also very easy to do!

9. Create a Low Maintenance Yard

An aesthetically pleasing yard doesn’t have to involve hours of labor and a high budget. Sensible landscape planning will be your best friend when it comes to realistic upkeep. Try mapping out your design and focus on low maintenance plants that require minimal work. Try working with drought-resistant plants or other shrubs that don’t require much time and attention.

10. Add an Outdoor Sitting Area

Whether you have the room for a patio or a simple bench on the outskirts of your garden, it can really elevate your outdoors. This way, you can sit outside and enjoy your landscaping work!

We hope these tips help you create the yard you’ve dreamed of! If you don’t have the time or energy to transform your space, you can always call a professional to get the job done instead!

PDQ 4U Home Services can get your yard ready for Spring/Summer and even have a Spring Special going on right now you can take advantage of. Call us today at 1-877-737-4812 for all your outdoor needs!

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