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Choosing the Perfect Tree for your Yard

This may not have been something you’ve thought about before but making sure you make the right choice of tree for your yard is essential! Planting the wrong tree can cause decades of issues and trouble long after you are gone. Let us help you with the selection process and give you some questions to ponder about.

Why Plant a tree?

Trees add value to your home and buyers are willing spend up to 7 percent more on homes with trees. A mature tree can be appraised for between $1000 and $10,000. Homeowners achieve over 100% return on their landscaping dollars, making it higher than any other home improvement. If a tree is placed right, it can help save on annual air-conditioning costs. Trees are also great for the environment and clean the air we breathe while decreasing air pollution.

Let’s start with why you want a tree. Is it for shade? Privacy or something pretty to look at?

Shade Trees

Shade trees tend to be dense with broad leaves, so when air passes through the tree, it will be cooled down by the leaves. They are usually tall with enough room to walk underneath the branches.

Popular shades trees include: Ash, Elm, Beech, Linden, Maple, Sourwood and Sycamore.

Ornamental or “Pretty” Trees

These trees main purpose is to act as focal points or markers for entrances. You should not have too many of these kinds of trees in your yard. Many ornamental trees are aesthetically pleasing due to their unusual shapes or attractive flowers/berries.

Popular ornamental trees include: Crabapple, Dogwood, Willow, Redbud, Japanese maple, flowering cherry.

Screening Trees:

These trees are useful for providing extra shelter from harsh weather. They are a great way to provide privacy and reduce noise. For an effective screen, choose trees that are columnar in shape and they can be planted in a row or grouped.

Popular Screening trees include: Holly, Fir, Leyland cypress, Arborvitae.

Fruit Trees:

These trees require a little more upkeep than others but offer delicious seasonal fruit as a reward. They need a little more attention, pruning and pest control.

Popular Fruit trees: Apple, Cherry, Lemon, Orange, Plum, Pear, Peach.

Once you’ve decided on what tree is the right fit for your home, you can enjoy the process of helping something grow and stay alive!

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