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GETTING OLDER: A privilege or a crime? Part 2

Thank you to those of you who read my blog part 1 & for your comments. However those that think that just accepting we have a free health care system is enough concerns me greatly! If enough people had warned you a great storm was coming; would you just sit on your front porch to see it happen? WOW that's scary!

In Part 1 we dealt specifically with the health care issues& the lack there of, not that there is not more to talk about but I thought we could come back to those issues at a later date. For Part 2, I thought we should move on to those later stages of "Getting Older" & what we have to look forward to there!

"We need a leader, Liberal MP Hedy Fry, herself said, maybe even a doctor she further acknowleged. Would'nt that be nice; "is there a doctor in the house?" because the rest of the Nation is about 25% short on doctors today.

I would go even farther to suggest to Liberal MP Fry; How about a new party, the Grey Party? This party would have only concerns for the over 50 bunch, and be responsible for all of their respective issues. Maybe this person could be living in a senior care facility of somesort, mabe they would have at least 1 family member who has Alzemhers disesase, maybe they would have a family member who has been waiting 2 years or more for a surgery. Maybe they went to the hospital with a loved one into emergency via an ambulance and still had to wait 8 or 10 hours or more to see a doctor. Maybe they even lived to tell about it! Maybe this party leader could have someone close who had the wrong limb amputated or a breast removed too late or when it was not necessary at all. Maybe this person knows someone close who has no corporate pension plan, or has no benefits for prescriptions.

I think if we had a leader who has directly and indirectly experienced these issues and more of those issues that the "Getting Older" do; I think we might have the right leader responsible to the right party and the right people. This person may truly have the right passion & feelings not just the political ones.

It has been said in Canada for the last 10 years we have been in a "waiting for health care country" now maybe it should read ... "still waiting?"

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