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Factors That Affect Your Moving Estimate

The last thing anyone needs during a stressful move is surprise fees or a huge moving bill. It is very important to have an accurate understanding of moving costs to get the most accurate estimate. It’s important to hire an experienced and reputable moving company that will help you cut down on your moving expenses. Make sure and do your research on the company before you hire them and verify their credentials.

How to understand moving costs:

Time of year

Usually, summer is the busiest moving time of the year, which means it’s going to cost more and moving companies are going to have busy schedules. Sometimes moving on a national holiday or the first or last day of the month can cause the price to be higher. If you can, try moving off season (September-mid May) and this way your movers will be readily available. Weekends may also be more costly, so moving during the week may reduce your fee by a substantial amount.

Storage fees

If your new home isn’t ready yet, you may need to store all your belongings at a storage warehouse. This is a common reason for increased costs and you’ll have to pay an additional storage fee.

Packing costs

You have to remember that you are paying your moving company for their time. If packing services are needed, it is going to cost more and take up more time. You can cut this additional packing cost by doing some or all of it yourself. You can also cut costs by disassembling large pieces of furniture rather than have a mover do it for you. Another sneaky fee is if some of your belongings require specific kinds of packaging/handling. Things like artwork would require a crating fee.

Restricted access to your pick-up or drop-off location

If your current or new residence is located somewhere with restricted access for a large truck, your movers will have to find another way to transport your belongings. Examples of this would be using smaller vehicles and you would have to pay an additional shuttle fee.

Stairs or long walking distances

Your moving cost may increase if there are very long or multiple stairs in which movers have to carry your belongings up and down. If the distance between the entrance of your residence and the moving truck exceeds 50 feet, they may include a long-carry fee.

Narrow Doors/hallways

Some of your larger belongings may not fit through a door or hallway and a rigger might be needed to hoist them through a window instead. This could result in a hoisting fee.

Depending on the moving company you decide to hire, these extra fees can creep up on you and leave you feeling bamboozled. This is why research is important and communication with your moving team is crucial.

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