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How to Prepare your Items for Storage

Moving is and has always been stressful. Whether you’re downsizing, moving to a new city or simply clearing out the clutter, you need to learn some essential skills that will make it seamless and less intimidating! Sometimes you can’t take all of you belongings with you but you’re not exactly ready to let them go. Short- and long-term storage options may be a solution for you.

1. Decide on short or long- term storage:

Find a storage facility in the Windsor area that meets your standards and requirements and get familiar with the storage restrictions. Find out what can and can’t be stored inside your storage unit. Most storage facilities will provide a list of restricted items but in the case that they don’t, it’s good to know.

Examples of some restricted items are: Paint, chemicals, explosives, gasoline, narcotics and fertilizer.

2. Organize and make a list of items you plan to store:

The main idea of storing certain belongings is that you don’t need them right now, but you do intend to use them in the future. Make sure and pack the things you really plan to use again and make an inventory list to keep track of everything. Having a concrete idea of what you will be storing will help you estimate what size storage unit you need. This list can also help if damage were to happen to any of your belongings and could help you file an insurance claim.

3. Clean your storage unit and belongings:

Before moving your belongings into the storage unit, give it a thorough sweep and wipe everything down with an all-purpose cleaner. Storage facilities are responsible for doing this, but it never hurts to double down and make it spotless! Clean your items that you are storing away as well to prevent them from smelling like mildew or dust when you’re ready to use them again. Depending on what you’re planning to store, you can lay down tarp on the ground to protect your items from weather and pests.

4. Get proper storage containers:

Packing your belongings in the right type of boxes/containers keeps your things protected for the duration of the storage period. If you want to use cardboard boxes, make sure they are sturdy, not damaged and new. If possible, invest in plastic containers as they do a much better job of protecting things.

Tip: Do not pack things inside plastic bags. They tend to trap moisture and humidity that can cause mold and mildew to grow over time.

5. How to pack clothes for storage:

The easiest way to pack seasonal clothes is to hang them inside wardrobe boxes or hanging garment bags. This way, they will stay wrinkle free, dust free and won’t get damaged by mold. You can use vacuum sealed bags for larger items such as winter jackets, comforter sets and drapes.

6. How to pack furniture:

Clean every piece of furniture with a suitable furniture cleaner. If possible, disassemble large furniture in order to protect it better and create for space in the unit. Use bubble wrap, foam sheets or furniture covers around furniture legs to protect them. Wrap all furniture in thick blankets or furniture covers as well.

7. How to pack appliances:

Use baking soda to wipe down the inside of all appliances in order to remove any bad odors, drain water completely from your washing machine and dishwasher before storing, and defrost your fridge/freezer completely to avoid water damage. Ensure all hoses and electric cables to avoid accidents and make sure the hoses have no water inside them.

8. Label each box appropriately:

It is crucial to label each box you store because it makes things organized and easy to find. If boxes contain fragile items inside, mark “fragile, this side up” and use a colored marker that shows up (typically black or red).

9. Consider purchasing insurance:

Check first to see if your homeowners or renter’s insurance policy covers personal property kept in storage units but if it doesn’t, you may want to consider it for worst case scenarios.

Need help finding a short or long-term storage facility for your belongings? PDQ 4U is stationed in the Essex area and works alongside U-Haul and The Storage Box to move and store your possessions for as long as you require! Contact us today at 1-877-737-4812.

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