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GETTING OLDER: A privilege or a crime? Part 1

We live in an age where nothing looks the same as before. There is no precedent, there is no 'how to fix' manual. The change has scary projections and disastrous implications for the future and the present is only the tip of the iceberg.

In Canada alone 10,000 people are turning 50 per day! This means by the year 2025 42% of our population will be in the age bracket of 55+. This picture is pretty much the same for the U.S. and other parts of the world. Never before has this happened in the worlds history and never will again.

We presently have an 18% hospital bed shortage across the Nation. We presently have a 20% doctor shortage across Canada with approximately the same percentage of a nurse shortage. How long are you or family members waiting for medical tests, or to see a specialist, or for a surgery today? Now ask yourself as time goes on and the aging factor to our population continues to grow, which includes our doctors and nurses; what then will the statistics be in 5, 10, 15 years? It is fact that the aging population continues to put a strain on an already strained system.

Lets add some other concerns to this problem of getting older! Our governments and hospitals are looking for cut backs in health care spending. There are suggestions to accomplish this as in; more hospital bed closures, staff layoffs, the shutdown of emergency rooms at some rural hospitals. We can expect wait lists for long- term care homes to number 20,000 or more and health care services will have to be rationed.

These are very serious concerns for all of us, as today already looks bad and tomorrow looks worse! Let's reflect on the above information for now, as my next blog will give some more interesting and alarming stats to consider about our aging society; Getting older, a privilege or a Crime?

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