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Moving Houses? Here’s the Ultimate Supplies List

Moving Houses? Here's the ultimate supplies list

Moving can be such a chaotic, tiresome and stressful time in our lives. The great news is that we can help you stay prepared by providing the ultimate moving supply list! We recommend making a thorough supply list when you’re moving houses and go through each room systematically until the whole job is done. With the right tools and mindset, the moving process can be easier, more efficient and less stressful. You and your family will be all settled into your new home in no time!

1. Boxes, boxes and more boxes. Gather or buy small, medium and large boxes for your items. It is estimated that moving a 3-bedroom house takes between 80-100 boxes.

2. Bubble wrap/cushioning. You can’t just throw your personal items in a box by itself and expect it to stay in one piece during the move. Use bubble wrap or foam sheets to protect your fragile items when moving houses. Newspaper can be used as well, but it is a cheaper and less effective alternative.

3. Labelling materials. Label the boxes as you pack. Some people prefer writing on the box itself, while others prefer color coordinated labels or moving stickers. Find what works best for you!

Packing Tip:

Pack like items together so it is easier to find and unpack when you have settled into your new place. Refrain from packing boxes to the brim to avoid breakage while in transit while moving houses.

4. Packing tape. We recommend spending a few extra dollars on quality packing tape. Get a tape gun and buy a bunch of extra tape rolls. You might realize that tape is a moving supply you will find yourself using more of than you originally thought.

5. Cargo straps/rope. When loading your moving truck, straps or rope are great moving supplies that secure your items in the truck, so nothing shifts or moves while in transit.

6. Furniture pads/covers. Use furniture pads for big pieces of furniture. We recommend renting them instead of buying. You can get a dozen pads for $10-20 from a moving company. Furniture covers are advised to keep your furniture clean and to prevent surface damage

7. Dollies. We recommend renting these from a moving company instead of buying them. They rent for around $20 or less. Dollies will help prevent any moving-related injuries and helps moving boxes a lot of easier.

8. Measuring tape. The last thing you need is to find out a piece of furniture won’t fit through a door or hallway. Having a measuring tape handy will prevent tricky situations where furniture is stuck in a tight space.

Packing Tip:

Make a complete inventory list of your household items. Keep this list handy with you to make sure things don’t go missing or get forgotten.

9. Tool Set. Keeping a tool set handy will come into use when a table or other big pieces on furniture need to be dissembled before moving houses.

10. Stretch Wrap. It is suggested to use stretch wrap to keep dresser drawers closed and to prevent surface level damage.

11. Cleaning supplies. Use garbage bags to throw away trash and it can be used a packing item for pillows or other miscellaneous items. Having a broom close by will aid in cleaning your old home after moving everything out and cleaning your new home before moving everything in.

Packing Tip:

Keep a utility knife and gloves on you to cut boxes and in case you touch anything that may damage your hands (gloves are great especially during COVID-19).

Moving houses all comes down to preparation, organization, getting the right moving supplies and time management. We recommend using our thorough moving supply list and to get them ahead of time to ensure a safe and efficient move. Happy moving homeowners!

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