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Moving in Fall

Planning a Fall move? Great news, because Fall is a fantastic time to move! Summer is a busy and expensive moving season. The back-to-school rush has passed and the temperature dips into cooler ranges (better for moving). Despite all these pros, a prepared and organized move is still needed. Let’s go over some essential moving tips to ensure smooth sailing!

Plan for School Changes. If you have children and they are switching schools, this can be an overwhelming time for them. Sit down with them and help them prepare for this transition. Visit their school with them in advance and the local parks or other fun places around the neighborhood you think they would love. Easing them into the switch can actually make them excited about the move. If you do not have kids, feel free to skip to the second tip!

Declutter from the Summer. You probably have a bunch of summer items that may not make it till next year. Use this opportunity to donate or discard clothing, toys, outdoor furniture, beachwear and other seasonal items. You can also get rid of fall/winter items that are no longer of use, so you can make room for new things.

Take Advantage of Lower Moving Costs. The bonus of moving during the Fall season is that it is much more affordable. Gas prices are lower, there are more available moving trucks and insured movers to help you. Shop around for different movers in Essex county and compare prices. You can also negotiate and a good tip to keep in mind is that most people move at the end of the month, so avoid this time frame if you can.

It Gets Darker Earlier. Remember that during the Fall season, the sun sets earlier, and it gets darker faster. When moving, make sure you load and unload earlier than normal. Also, keep in mind that day light savings time happens on the first weekend of November. The time change can really mess with people’s internal clocks.

Clear Fallen Leaves. Fall is a beautiful time of year with the leaves changing color, but they can cause a mess when moving. Insured movers in the Windsor area and your family can trek them into your house when going in and out. Before the moving process, clean your walkway properly because leaves can be slippery. They can be a hazard to your family and the movers and cause injury.

Set Up Utilities in Advance. A few days before your move, call your utility company and turn on your electricity and heat. There is nothing worse than moving into your new freezing home with no lights. It may take a few days for your utility company to turn on the heat and electricity, so giving them a call a few days before your actual move would be a great idea!

Dress Appropriately. Since the weather is a little colder, make sure and wear a hoodie or jacket with a hood. Be prepared for possible weather changes such as rain. Wear sturdy shoes with good grip and consider wearing layers incase you get hot or cold during your move.

Put Down Plastic During Your Move. During the Fall season, it is easier to trek mud, wet leaves and mud into your house. You can use plastic painter sheeting, garbage bags or newspaper to get the job done. When you move into your new place, lay down plastic before the insured movers unload your things.

Hire a Great Professional Moving Company. No matter what the season, hiring reliable and insured movers in the Windsor area is always a crucial part of any big move. Make sure they are cost efficient, flexible, licensed and accommodating. There are great movers in Essex that can help your move go as smoothly as planned.

Now that you’re all prepped and set for you move, you can relax and focus on your new life in your new home! For all your moving needs in the Windsor area, you can contact Essex County's moving and home maintenance specialists PDQ 4U!

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