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Moving Tips for Seniors

We understand that rightsizing can be a very emotional season of your life. You’re leaving the home you raised your family in, created fond memories in and has been a familiar setting for you for countless positive experiences.

For many seniors, packing up their family home can be painful and stressful. The licensed movers at PDQ 4U Services can help you pack your belongings and move them safely into your new housing.

Knowing when it’s time to downsize:

You may need to make your retirement savings stretch a little and downsizing may be the solution to your budget problems. House up- keep can become quite a task that you may not be able to take on as often anymore. Maybe your kids have moved out and you have vacant rooms that are not being used and you need a new home layout to support your needs. If any of these things apply to you, it may be time to consider downsizing.

Start early:

Giving yourself ample time for this process will help take the pressure off your shoulders and give you the time you need to really sort through your belongings. Start with 4 piles: Keep, store, sell/donate and trash. Start with one area of your home and work through your whole house that way. Keep in mind what your new space and the existing one looks like and see how your belongings will fit into the new space. If packing and sorting is too much physical labor, there are plenty of moving/packing services in the Essex area that can help!

Hiring Movers vs DIY move:

Before deciding, ask yourself a few questions:

· How far are you moving?

· How much time do you have until moving day?

· What is your health like? Is moving something you feel you can take on?

· Do you have enough family and friends that have time to help you?

Sometimes spending less money isn’t always the best decision because it comes with the cost of more stress, being liable for the safety of your own belongings and depending on family and friends to come through for you.

Hiring professional movers can eliminate most of the moving stress and PDQ 4U has senior discounts for people like yourself. In general, if you’re moving over 800km away, a professional moving team might be cheaper than trying to do it all yourself.

Practice safety on moving day:

If you decide to make the move on your own, then make sure to take some safety measures so no injuries or accidents happen. Get enough help from friends/family, keep pets away on moving day, clear paths to go in and out of your home, avoid packing boxes that weight more than 50 pounds, leave the heavy lifting to the younger ones or use a dolly. Make sure and use proper lifting techniques and stay hydrated and nourished on the day of the move.


You may have some belongings that you want to hold onto but don’t have the room for it in your new space. Look into short or long- term storage spaces and refer to our older blog on how to pick the right one for your needs.

Finally, prepare yourself for the emotions that come with moving. Recognize that this is a new phase of your life you’re coming into and embrace the emotions you feel and see that they are normal. Lots of seniors’ struggle with relocation and it can snowball into much more severe cases. If this is the circumstance, it is recommended to seek some medical help.

If you’re looking for licensed moving professionals, PDQ 4U has an amazing team of professionals ready to help you pack, store, transport and unpack! Contact us at 1-877-737-4812 and ask about our senior discounts!

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