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Now that summer is basically over, let’s talk about winter landscaping! Winter can be challenging to property managers in the Windsor area. We know that yard work during the winter season sounds like absolute torture but for the few that are willing, it can really set your property up for success once spring finally rolls around.

1) Prepare Your Lawn for Winter Hibernation

· Regularly remove debris from your lawn. When the snow clears, you should remove the leaves from your lawn because leaf pile up can prevent the sun from getting through. If plant debris mixes with snow, it can grow mold and fungus. This results in the death of your lawn, so active upkeep is required.

· Keep your grass short. Cutting your grass extra short heading into winter (between 1-2 inches shorter than usual) protects new growth and minimizes the likelihood of your lawn becoming a feeding ground for pests.

· Fertilize and aerate your lawn before the first freeze. You will want to use a fertilizer that is rich in phosphorous, nitrogen and potassium. Your lawn won’t use the fertilizer in its dormant stage but instead draw up the nutrients as soon as the weather warms up helping it grow rich and green in the spring.

2) Protect Trees and Shrubs

· Use mulch. Mulch around trees, plants and shrubs to add extra protection during the harsh Windsor winter. Mulch is an excellent insulator and protects roots against frost. If you have the storage space, the leaves you raked up in the fall would serve as perfect (and free!) mulch.

· Prune your garden bed plants. Be sure to only remove dead and dying vegetation because over doing it can harm your plants. The recommended time to prune your plants is in later winter, just before spring growth begins.

· Prevent water loss. When the weather gets cold, we often neglect winter landscaping maintenance. The need for water does not go away just because of the winter season. Continue watering unless it gets below 40 degrees, to decrease susceptibility to disease.

· Cover thin-barked trees. Put a light-colored wrapping around younger trees with thin bark areas. This helps to control frost and prevent sun scald. Also, tie branches together that may be susceptible to snow loads. You can apply wire mesh to the base of younger trees to protect against roaming wildlife in the Essex county area.

· Minimize salt damage by covering trees or shrubs located near high traffic areas. Don’t overapply salt near tree roots.

3) Service and Maintain Your Garden Tools

· Taking care of your garden/lawn tools will keep you ready to go in the spring. Keep your lawn mower blades sharpened, changing spark plugs or air filters on other equipment. Also, storing your equipment is important so when it comes time to use, it’s not rusted or not working properly.

Winter for us in the Essex county area feels brutal and seems to last forever. Your garden and lawn deserve care even during the brutal winter season. You’ll thank yourself in the upcoming spring when you save yourself time and labor.

For all your residential landscaping needs, from winterizing your property to year-round maintenance to new landscape design and construction services in the Windsor Essex county area, call PDQ 4U today at 1.877.737.4812 to schedule a consultation at your earliest convenience!

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