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Tips to Winterize Your Backyard

You’ve spent so much money on preparing your backyard for the warm season. Now the cold has arrived, and you need to properly winterize your backyard to protect it from the harsh Canadian cold. Property maintenance and Essex county landscaping need to be addressed before the snow and ice really start to pile on, prepping and protecting your patio and garden can really save you a lot of extra work when springtime rolls around again.

CLEAN. Clean your patio furniture and umbrellas before packing them away or storing them for winter. Wash fabrics with soap and water and allow for it to air dry to avoid any mildew or mold to form. Clean any flowerpots, fountains and other patio décor as well.

Clean out the weeds from your garden, remove dead leaves, plant parts or any deceased plants. Unfortunately for potted plants, there’s nothing you can do for them during the winter but to get rid of them. You can store the pots in your basement, shed or garage.

STORE. The best place to store outdoor furniture, cushions, umbrellas, hammocks, small appliances, BBQs, and garden accessories is either in a shed, garage, or basement. Storing them in these places will prevent damage to the upholstery and prevent rust from forming.

PROTECT. If you added a new flower bed in your garden, especially something like perennials, the first season is often the most important. Try using a garden cloche to drape over the flower bed during the winter season. This is specific for perennial beds, not veggie or already established flower beds. Wrap up your trees, shrubs and bushes in the winter to protect them from harsh winds.

PLANT YOUR BULBS. It is important to your property maintenance that you plant bulbs before the ground gets too hard. It needs to be several inches deep, so it has good protection over winter and will be ready to bloom in spring.

WATER YOUR GARDEN ONE LAST TIME. Give your plants and garden a nice long drink of water before you pack up the hose for the season. It is recommended to do this around 1-2 weeks before the ground freezes in your area. When you’re done, don’t forget to empty and store your water hose.

MAINTAIN GARDEN TOOLS. Tips to winterize your garden tools such as spades, shears, and other hand tools is to dip them in sand mixed with motor oil before you store them. This will not only clean them but will also work by lubricating them. For things like lawnmowers, tune them at the end of summer. To preserve your lawnmower in the winter, you should also think about adding a gasoline stabilizer to the remaining fuel.

We hope these tips for winterizing your backyard help you get ahead when springtime rolls around again. For those who don’t have the time or energy to winterize their backyard, there are many professional Essex county landscapers that can help you with that!

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