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Tree Maintenance in Winter

During the cold winter months, we bundle up to protect ourselves, but you can’t give your trees hats and mittens. What you can do is help winterize your trees to prepare them for possible snowstorms and frigid temperatures. Here are some tips from us at PDQ 4U Urban Forestry.

Preventative Pruning:

Tree limbs are considerably more defenseless against breaking over the cold weather months (particularly on youthful trees) because of harsh breezes and ice and snow aggregation. To limit winter harm and loss of frail appendages, primary pruning is recommended. When in doubt, pruning should be possible during the torpid season (pre-spring and late-winter) utilizing legitimate arboriculture techniques, as it is simpler to see the tree structure without the leaves.

PDQ 4U Urban forestry offers affordable tree trimming services for people who need assistance.

Hydrate your Trees:

Throughout the winter season, drying out can in some cases become an issue-particularly for evergreens-when a tree loses more water than it can retain from the frozen ground. This pressure can debilitate a tree's capacity to withstand winter conditions, so it's imperative to water your trees in the fall until the ground freezes for the colder time of year. Water your trees either by utilizing a soaker hose put at the base of the tree for one hour two times a week or utilizing a hose without a spout on a moderate stream for roughly 15 minutes two times every week. For mature trees, a soaker hose can be utilized and spread out on the ground the extent that the tree limbs reach. On the off chance that the dirt around your tree stays extremely wet subsequent to watering (for example the water is doesn't deplete rapidly), lessen watering time.

Use Mulch for Insulation:

It is imperative to shield your tree's underlying foundations from extraordinary temperature changes (freeze/defrost cycles) over the cold weather months. Spread a layer of regular mulch (woodchips, leaves or other natural materials) around 8-10cm deep, in a donut shape around the base of the tree in pre-winter before the ground freezes. Guarantee the mulch isn't accumulated against the storage compartment of the tree as it might empower decay. Add a layer of fertilizer underneath the mulch so your tree has a prepared gracefully of supplements in the spring to energize solid root development.

Use Tree Guards:

Trees and bushes frequently become focuses for creatures scrounging for food over the winter. To stop creatures from devouring your trees, place a plastic tree watchman or wire mesh enclosure around your tree for insurance. Tree watchmen should be retractable and breathable to permit your tree to normally develop with the gatekeeper on. Make certain to eliminate all tree guards in early spring when temperatures begin to rise to avoid rotting along the trunk due to moisture build up.

Be considerate of your trees during the winter and be proactive about protecting them. These small details contribute a lot to your trees’ well beings and prosperity. Remember that the best methods for winter security is to take precautionary measures! PDQ 4U- Urban Forestry is here to help you with everything from tree trimming to tree removal. Contact us for a free quote!

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